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Riley's Southern Fried Secrets

Naughty Little Cock Lovin Riley

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Spring Fling Phone Sex
18:20, 2010-Mar-10

I love that spring is slowly coming back! Now I love the snow more than anyone else, but I am ready for short skirts and tank tops again!! I do love to dress to tease. Tease and denial phone sex can be fun too. Get you all worked up and just when you are on the brink of cumming.. ha not so fast mr! So go ahead and get your pre spring fling in with me! Dial 1=888-662-6482 and ask for Riley

Happy New Year
17:27, 2010-Jan-11

Hey guys! Hope your holidays and new years were as awesome as mine! I musta been been a really good girl cus Santa brought me amazing goodies! AND my favorite caller ''S" bought me a 37 inch 1080p hd tv!! Thank you sooooo much "S" !!!I love being spoiled by my callers!!!Especially him! But you guys can try to spoil me like that if you like ;)

Had a lot of changes going on around here but wanted to let you guys know that I am still taking calls , I just had to take a few days off here and there. You know that I love talking to you guys and having fun with our phone sex roleplays.From being your phone sex girlfriend, to having some anything goes phone sex roleplays, age play, family play, rapeplay phone sex and more!

1-888-668-6482   AIM and Yahoo RileysReady




Happy Fall Ya'll
09:39, 2009-Nov-16

So much to tell you since my last blog!!  My vixen blog got shut down and that was where I did alot of my blogging , but now that it is closed I will be here.I know it has been awhile but I have been super busy and you regular guys should know by now the best way to catch me is on my AIM screen name which is RileysReady if you see me on , you know I am taking calls!!  Sometimes you may have to wait cus other guys grab me first!! If I don't respond right away, it does NOT mean I am ignoring you , just means I am not in front of my computer so go ahead and pick up the phone and call me!! 


NEW WEBSITE   check out


Summer flew by, Halloween already came and went now its time for turkey and Santa!!  This Thanksgiving I am going to have my first one here in my home with family and friends and yes I am going to cook !! I do love to cook but I have to be careful how much I eat!! Of course I know that some of you with a feeder fetish would love to watch me eat more and more!! Others of you just fantisize about me with dark meat lol! 

I hope that all of have a very happy Thanksgiving, may you all be safe and full!! Call me when you can and lets have some fun! 1-888-662-6482


Im So Spoiled!!
16:33, 2009-Apr-23

My favorite Phone Sex lover has sent me an assload of gifts for my birthday!! Soon Ill be pervin in soft silky sheets with a new vibrator!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH S!
Now I have added a twitter app to my myspace page
my friend Cindy added it to hers it looked cool so i did too lol. I got rid of alot of friends I had on there cus they were freakin morons so I am gonna start alll over and will be updating that very soon
Hope u guys had a happy 420 on monday.. i know i did lol you smoking fetish lovers would have loved it.

Naughty Girl.....
14:13, 2009-Apr-17

 Ok first off guys.. My birthday is coming up on April 28th so I thought I would post a link to my wish list just incase you luv your lil phone slut  enuff to send gifts!!  A girl can wish huh!
My Wish List

Just click that and it should take u to my list!Cant go wrong shopping there!

So this week I had to go pick up my bosses son this week. His car broke down while he coming to visit his parents while him and his wife have yet another split up and they asked me to go pick him up. Well Ive known him since I was 16..he's 10 years older than I am. We used to fool around all the time when both worked there!! It was so freakin hot back then, sneaking around stealing kisses in the supply room, groping each other in the cooler and the things we did in that kitchen while closing together!!
  I had'nt seen him in awhile , so I made sure I looked uber cute when I arrived to get him wearing awhite tank top with cute suspenders denim skirt, hair up in pony tails and sexy lil knee high socks.. see he used to tease me and call me Rainbow Brite ..but he always said I was way sexier than that silly cartoon .. he called me his sweet dream baby.

So I finally got there.. and it was just  heat from the moment we saw each other pure raw animal lust.. He drove on the way back as I slid down into the seat to suck his beautiful cock while going upI-85.. I also managed to pull my skirt up and play with my puffy little pussy lips while I slid my dildo in and out of me ..making him rock hard again. By the time we got back here.. I stopped at my house before taking him to his parents  and we didnt even get the door properly shut before I was bent over the couch with his hard pulsing rod buried deep inside my wet, tight cunt. Ohh so good!! Yeah I know hes still married ..but thats part of the thrill.. Im the sweet juicy side peice..all for pleasure.
 Maybe you have an idea for a roadtrip roleplay.. or any sort of
phone sex roleplay  for that matter!! You know I love having phone sex and teasing you just like I did him!!  Come play!! Im ready! Dial the digits 1-888-662-6842

Sexy Shower Time
09:04, 2009-Apr-1

  So here is a short n sexy story for all you phone sex lovers

 First thing I did as I entered the peaceful surroundings of my bedroom was take the clip from my hair, letting my thick red hair fall down to my neck. As I waited for my shower to get hot, I rubbed my fingers into my scalp and neck.  Feet sinking into the plush carpet, I pulled the clothing from my body. I felt the stress of the day melting away with every piece that fell to the floor. I didn’t stop till I got to my connecting bath. The sunset showed through the big bay windows so I turned on the lights and then headed to the shower. My walk-in shower is huge with a large shower head that descends straight down from the ceiling. I turned the water on nice and hot and let the water warm as I glanced at the mirror attached to the vanity.
My hands ran over my slim body. My tits are sooo nice and firm, I lifted the C cups and felt their weight. My thumbs ran over the hard nipples and I felt it in my lower stomach. My hands moved down my stomach, going down a bit further I keep my patch of hair nice and trimmed. I loved the look of pleasure on a man’s face when he removed my panties and realized that I was a natural red-head. My fingers slid back and forth as I watched my hand in the mirror. My fingers played with my folds. I could see the pinkness between my legs. Then I realized the mirror was starting to fog up and I quickly got into the shower.

I walked under the spray and just stood still for a few minutes. I let the heat of the water wash over me, easing the aches of the day. My eyes closed and my mind clear. Startled, I opened my eyes. I could have sworn I heard a noise. I glanced out of the shower but didn’t see anything. I shrugged and stuck my face back into the shower.
Suddenly I was grabbed from behind. I could feel a steel arm around my waist and my body tightened. I took a deep breath and felt his head get close to my neck. That is when I smelled him. I inhaled deeply and took in the scent of a man I knew. I knew that man intimately. I knew how he tasted, how he felt moving inside me. I could feel myself get wet even before he said anything.
“Did you miss me?” he whispered in my ear.

“Yesssss”, I stuttered as his large hand covered my left breast.
I could feel the length of his body press into my back. His cock was already hard and he rubbed it against my ass. He knew that would tease me. I pressed back against him. I leaned forward a bit. I was ready for him. I was ready for that cock. I wanted him to fuck me right then.
“Be still, I will do this my way”, he growled in my ear.

Shivers of pleasure shot down my spine at the sound of his rough voice. Again, he knew what I wanted. His arm was firm around my waist, not letting me move. I tilted my head to the side as I felt his breath on my neck. His lips brushed softly over my skin. I glanced down and watched his skin against my own. It was a little darker than my own and felt so good. I watched, not blinking, as he took my nipple in his fingers. He pulled them and twisted them. He knew how this affected me. I could feel it in my lower stomach and between my legs. He lifted the arm around my waist and brought that hand to my other breast. He played with both of my nipples. I watched as they got darker and hard, so hard. I could feel my arousal increase. I got so aroused that I had to wiggle. I started to rub my ass up and down his cock. I wanted to make him as aroused as I was.
“I told you to be still”, he pushed me against the cool shower wall.
He turned my head to face another wall. I couldn’t see him. My breasts were crushed to the tile. It felt so cold to my hot nipples. He lifted my hands and placed them beside my head.
“Keep those there”, he demanded.
I love  it when he gets rough with me!

I was still, just as he expected of me. I could feel his hands starting to move over my body. He stroked my shoulders, the long line of my back, the cheeks of my ass and down my thighs. I felt his lips brush over my ass cheeks. I moaned and pushed back against his mouth. I wanted more of that. He lifted his hand and brought it down on my ass cheek and told me to remember what I was told. 
“Spread your legs for me woman” he said.
I could feel his breath on me and I spread my legs wider. I kept my hands on the wall and tried not to lean into him. I could feel him start to play with my pussy lips. He rubbed them between his fingers. I bit my lip and tried not to demand that he hurry up. It was so good but I needed more. His fingers released me and then I felt his mouth around them.
“Oh yesss”, I couldn’t help but moan out.

His lips started to suck on them. He pulled on my lips and then pushed his tongue between. His tongue was so hot and wet. He slide his tongue up between my folds and when he touched it to my clit, I jerked and moaned louder. I wanted to grab his head. I wanted to hold it there and fuck his face. I wanted to ride it till I reached my pleasure. I knew he wouldn’t let me though. He started to suck on my clit and shoved two fingers deep inside me.
“Fuck my fingers, let me feel it”, I heard him groan out.
I started to move my hips. I started to move my pussy up and down his long thick fingers. I wasn’t filled enough but it still felt good. I pushed down hard and he rubbed my inner walls. I could feel my body get wetter. I could feel myself get tense. I could even smell my arousal. I moved faster, wanting to reach my orgasm. Just then he pulled his mouth away and jerked his fingers from my body. I heard him suck them into his mouth.
“You taste so good woman”, he spoke against my ass.
He spread my cheeks and started to lick between them. I gasped loudly. I loved that feeling. He knew I loved that feeling. He licked my sensitive asshole. His tongue moved up and down, I could barely stand it. I felt like I was on fire. I felt like I was going to burst.
Just then he stood up and pressed me tighter to the wall. He rubbed his large head through my soaking wet pussy.

“Do you want this cock”, he asked me.

“Yes please, please give me your cock”, I answered.

He shoved his large cock inside me with one thrust. I couldn’t contain my scream of pleasure. He felt so good inside me. My muscles were tightening around him in pleasure. They were trying to suck him in deeper as he entered me all the way. His balls were right up against my body. He wrapped his arms under mine and grabbed my shoulder. He held me firmly down on his cock. Then he started to move. He started to fuck my tight pussy. His cock moved in and out of my body. He started slow, prolonging it. I could feel every inch of his cock as it moved in and out. His shaft rubbed up against my walls. My pussy was on fire. I could feel it throb. I pushed back against him, demanding more.

 Then he started to move faster. I could hear the wet noises my pussy made with every thrust. My body bounced with his thrust. I could feel the head of his cock slam deep inside me. My moans got louder as his thrusts got harder. Again my body started to tense. I could feel my pussy squeezing his shaft as my whole body lit up. My orgasm ripped through my body. He groaned loudly in my ear then joined me. I could feel his seed filling my body. My breathing hard as my body started to come do I could feel his heart beating quickly against my back, in time with my own. His breath was loud in my ear. I loved that I could make him like that. I loved how he sounded so out of control with me. His hands started to slowly move over my body, gently.
“You feel so good”, he whispered in my ear.
I closed my eyes and leaned back into his arms. I started to feel the water get cold and he turned it off. I could feel his cock slide out of me. His seed was dripping down my inner thigh; I loved the feeling of that. He reached out of the shower and grabbed a towel. He pulled back a little and wrapped the towel around my body.

Thats when I realize its just the blankets and I was dreaming of my favorite phone sex lover "S" and maybe next time, this shower will turn into a hot n wet gangbang with all his big black friends,just like he likes!

 I hope you guys liked that!! I love being a sweet submissive. I think thats why I enjoy Role Play phone sex so much is that I do get to be used and toyed with as I like. Do you have a naughty phone sex fantasy that you would like to play out? I bet you do! Just Call and ask for Riley 1*888*662*6482

AIM and YIM: RileysReady   Follow me on TWITTER

GFE Phone Sex
06:14, 2009-Mar-9

Every guy wants a girlfriend, regardless if hes single or not. Every guy wants that girl thats just laid back  thats fun to chat with and is also down n dirty to the core. GFE phone sex the girlfriend experience . I am the girl that won't tell you no. I'm the girl that loves to watch football and doesnt mind sucking you and your friends off during halftime. I'm the girl that loves to be fucked up the ass with a big hard cock. I'm the girl that will let you live out your fantasies regardless of what they are. You fantasize about   me taking  on a big black cock  or have a gangbang phone sex fantasy, thats one of my faves. If you want it just between us, short sweet,blow job phone sex, roleplay phone sex, anal phone sex Im all up for that. Or maybe you have a little fetish. Just like "J" who has a panty fetish  and a foot fetish. He loves to sniff my panties and jack off into them while I let him suck on my toes and rub my foot all over his face. I love that fantasy its always so much fun!! I have another caller "L" who loves it when I get out a strap on and make him take every inch. He says I'm the perfect phone sex GFE.I give him exactly what he wants! Let me give you what you want !
Ask for Riley

Sweet Cherry Pie
16:48, 2009-Feb-23

So I thought you guys might enjoy this:)

Mmm Mmm Good
07:33, 2009-Feb-10

 I love this new pic a caller of mine made of me!! I had sent him some pics of me after a call and this is what he did So sweet of him!! Thank you T.!!
I know you guys want to see more naughty pics.. Like this
Thought you would like that.. Ok now you have had a little taste...I am betting you would like more of me!! I know that some of you love to have naughty phone sex roleplays and some of you love to have family play phone sex .. and I enjoy being daddy's little girl!! So much fun!! I recently had a caller ask me to be his student for a teacher student role play .. I got to go in and redeem my self for the way my grades had been *giggle*
I am gonna log in now and see what kind of fun i can have today with you guys...Maybe I will get bad boy who needs a little tease and denial  or a hot, nasty gangbang by the men of your choice.. see how many pricks I can take in this hot little pussy and tight fucking ass!!
All you gotta do is dial 1-888-662-6482

Phone Sex Slut gets fucked hard
08:59, 2009-Jan-27

So this week i thought i would give you guys a recall of how things go with one of my fuck buddies..and maybe it is even a phone sex fantasy of yours as well.. if it is you know how to reach me and have a phone sex roleplay  with me! Now you guys know i like it rough and I love a anal phone sex, and being a phone sex submissive for you to use and you know how I love to please!! And Ive added more pics for you at the end of the story!Photobucket 

 We didn't date, although occasionally we would hang out and party,he always gets the good shit. Our attraction for each other was simply limited to the fucking and simple sweet release

Suddenly L stands up. He reaches down and pulls me up with him, to him, as he kisses me roughly again. he takes my hand and leads me over to the picnic table telling me to bend over it

I can feel L behind me, his cock like a throbbing hot fire poker as he rubs it against my wet pussy, the juices from our earlier lovemaking still clinging to me. Suddenly he rams it in me hard, pushing all the way in,deep in one motion. I let out a small gasp and he takes it as me submitting, thrusting into me harder. My breathing comes in shallow breaths, as my body burns and wants more . L senses my change and stops his thrusting, pulling out of me completely.

I hear him laughing very softly as I feel his hard shaft at my ass, his hands come up and spread me open. I try to prepare for  him, but he wraps one of his hands in my hair and holds me there. I feel him trying to push his way into me, hurting me. I cry out as he pushes through and enters me, making me feel as if my tender ass is on fire. Tears stream down my face at the pain he has forced upon me. He pushes harder, driving himself all the way into my body as I lay there, trying to relax, easing up on my clenched muscles. As the tears were drying on my face, I realized that most of the pain was gone, being slowly replaced by a slow churning sensation deep with in me

I reach down and find my clit,  I start to play with it, rubbing on it, relishing the feel of it. L seeing what I am doing urges me on, increasing his movements even more.. His hands, grasping my ass tightly for leverage, were going to leave deep bruising welts, but at this point I was oblivious to the pain.

I had found my rhythm, and was working myself into a state of elation. Sensing L was getting close, I intensify my pressure on my hard little bud, squeezing harder, rubbing harder, becoming oblivious to L and the pounding he was giving my ass.
Biting my lower lip, I reach the point of no return, , and I kept myself there, my orgasm hitting me with such force, such blinding intensity, that I screamed out loudly.

I could feel L behind me starting to shake and jerk, his breath caught in his throat as his hot fluid filled me again and again. He continued to pump himself into me slower and slower, and then he laid himself over me, his gentle lips kiss my shoulder.

HOpe you guys liked.. now cum n have some fun with me on an anything goes phone sex call


Anything Goes
11:39, 2009-Jan-14

HUMPdayYes I am a naughty frisky little bitch that loves to get fucked and hard. I love to explore many different fetishes and have a few of my own little kinks from big black cock fetish to erotic asphyxiation. I enjoy being a submissive phone sex slut and seeing where you can take me during our fantasy phone sex call. I have no taboos and enjoy being such a slut for you ..on my knees sucking your cock licking your ass , being a daddy's girl and so much more.. give me a call
ask for RILEY Just Call 1-888-662-6482 phone sex billed as DBMG Technologies | $1.99/min with a 10 min minimum


MERRY Christmas from your favorite ho ho ho
01:46, 2008-Dec-17

I love Christmas so much!! I love to be able to go drive around with my friends and look at all the lights and decorations and just sing silly christmas songs. Yup thats me .. dork lol!! I wish it would snow..but then again i know my luck and its been way to warm too. SOME of you have asked what to get me.. and well you can just send me a gift certificate to
Im easy to please!!!
I just want to wish ya'll a Merry Christmas and if ya get to feelin frisky while wrapping the gifts or hanging stockins or whatever give me a call at 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Riley :)


Feelin Fuckin Horny
20:56, 2008-Dec-2

Yall I need to get fucked and HARD! You know how much I LOVE my phone sex callers and I love being so dirty and fuckin nasty with them and Im usually an  anything goes phone sex slut!! I Have had some new callers latley  that want me to do some hardcore calls like breath play phone sex, which is something I have experimented with for real.vore phone sex, dolcette phone sex. I get requests for black cock phone sex, and extreme age play phone sex which those are two of my favorite types of call to do!And of course I do love all types of fantasy role play phone sex. All ya gotta do is tell me what turns you on and I am willing to spread my pretty pink pussy wide the hell open and play along with ya while you beat that dick for me!!
Just Dial 1-888-Moan-4-u-2

08:04, 2008-Nov-4

OK guys so halloween was INSANE for me!!  I went as a bunny .. yeah i know what girl hasnt but it was already in my closet and i just added some extra glitter an shit to it and dammit i was adorable!! In this economy you have to do what u can to save a little bit! Thats why you should go and GET OUT AND VOTE  TODAY!! We need a CHANGE in America. So vote!
ANYWAYS the party was crazy , they had it at a night club some of my friends rented out  for the night and I drank wayyyy to much lol!! And some of ya'll know what happens when I drink. It makes me super duper horney and I will do just about anything. It started off with me and a girlfriend making out together she was in a goth girl outfit but looked so damn sexy! We were dancing and kissing and just got sooo caught up that we didnt even realize the amount of people that were watching us!! And when I did omfg that made me even wetter!!!!  Needless to say we wound up on the stage where the bands normally set up.. and it just went from there omfg  another one of our friends came up and decided to jump in  his cock was bulging in his Frankenstein outfit.. yes I fucked Frankentstien lol how often do you get to do that ??!! By the end of the night I lost track of who was what and there were so many costumes that sometimes I didnt even know WHO it was kissing me, touching me, sucking on my tits , licking my pussy , or fucking my wet little snatch and asshole. At one point, I had the Phantom of the Opera and the Joker fucking me at the same time omfg  I have to go rub  my pussy right NOW.. cum call me we can have a little mutual masturbation phone sex. Just dial 1-888-moan-4-u-2 ask for RILEY

Hey Ya'll
10:05, 2008-Sep-29

Hey ya'll I'm Riley, Im 21 and live in NC, just on the outside of the trailer park!. And I am not like most girls my age. I've worked in the same family diner since I was 15 and now am assistant manger..but when I'm not doing that ...well.. I have a secret side that some people would never even guess about me. Sure I look like a tomboy , and I have to confess that I am ,I totally LOVE the WWE and and NASCAR and NFL and fishing , and I can go days with out make up . Other times I like to glam up and be super sexy. I dont have a boyfriend , or a girlfriend,  I have FWB's and honestly thats how I like it. I like being able to cum and go as I please and to do whatever it is I want. And If I had a bf or whatever , I wouldnt  be able to do as I please.

I Admit  I love to party and I  really love to fuck . And yes some would call me a slut if they knew, but i dont care. I dont like it all sweet and gentle either. So if you are gonna kiss me do it right , If you are gonna fuck me do it hard. And If you are a girl you better know how to go down! Yes Im a Bi Sexual brat that is Submissive with  real men and dominate with women and sissy bitch boys and sometimes I can switch that all up a bit depending on my mood!

 I've always been a sexual creature I think, As far back as I can remember I can remember enjoying the touch of a hand , just the feeling of skin on mine, and no this doesnt stem from an incest filled parents never did anything like that ..sorry to dissapoint you , however that IS a roleplay I really get into, and will talk about that later!  I always enjoyed looking at the other kids and seeing what they knew or would teach me as I grew up Older men really turn me on ..always had an affinity for cherry got popped by a friend of my dads. I can elaborate on this later! Ive always been interested in sexual acts and what I can do to expand on them and I also enjoying hearing other peoples aspects on fetish and fun. I think thats part of the reason I love being a Phone sex operator so much! That and I get to masturbate right along with you! I totally love to get comfy and listen to your fantasy or fetish and play right along with you. Now I am up for basically anything.. I just want you to feel comfy with me and have a good time!  No strings are attached and its all in fun. If you have questions for me all ya gotta do is ask!  And I talk about all types of situations and have few to no I said before I truly enjoy all types of sex.  Just remember , I am NOT a mind reader and you need to talk to me so I know exactly why you are calling me , everyone has a different story and a different reason. Now Im gonna share a couple more things with you . This is the link to my website click here  and this is the Link to my blog click here .  Now if I am not the girl for you there are more ladies available of course. But this is me in the raw and I am a phone sex operator because I truly enjoy hearing a voice, a juicy story or having a nasty roleplay  and getting off with it. If asked I will send pics after our call, and no I dont do cam.. and I dont meet callers sorry. I will be updating this and my other blogs soon and adding some links to this page for you to enjoy and I hope to hear from you soon! gonna send some of my friends over this way to add a blog as well!

Questions for me.. Email me  I will get to them as soon as I can and it may not be poof that instant some times it does take a couple days!

AIM messenger and Yahoo messenger is RileysReady  When I am available dial 1-888-662-6482 phone sex billed as DBMG Technologies | $1.99/min with a 10 min minimum and ask for everyones favorite southern phone sex slut  Riley!


 PLEASE support our troops

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